Posted April 8th, 2020

On Tuesday 10th March 2020, the children attended a dance workshop and rehearsal for our dance festival at the Hippodrome.  Everyone participated confidently and showed the workshop leader their ability to pick up new routines quickly and effectively to perform.  After this, the children went back to the Hippodrome to perform our dance to ‘The Sound of Silence’, following the theme of using a still image. This dance was created to show how technology can be such a powerful and useful resource when used effectively. However, it has taken over how we communicate. The dance reflects the change of communication in our lives.  It shows us how people can be so focused on technology (often without realising) and taking away from human interaction.  The dance shows both isolation with technology and then interaction when technology is taken away.  The children worked hard over several weeks to pull this dance together and they performed with confidence and passion to a large audience.  Well done, everyone.