Posted January 21st, 2021

Last term , we were pleased to support Darlington Rotary Club by bringing books we no longer read into school. These reading books were donated to the national charity – Just Be A Child. The charity will provide a library in the village of Vingujini. The books are packed in boxes and put into a 40ft shipping container; this will be is shipped to Kenya and transported to the village. When it is unloaded, windows are cut out of the sides of the container, a door put in at the end and shelves fitted inside.

The charity works with communities in Kenya to establish an area for learning activities and sports days, and provides a library in a container, which comes with books, learning and arts and crafts materials.

Everyone at school was eager to help and we received hundreds of books which were brought into school by the children. Jack and Amber (who are two of our Rota Kids) organised the collection before Christmas with the help of Mrs Davison .

The books were quarantined over the holiday and handed to Mr Little who supports our Rota Kids in school. We were worried they all wouldn’t fit in his car.

Mr Little was thrilled with the amount we collected and was incredibly grateful.