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Curriculum & Progression

At Reid Street we follow closely the National Curriculum using progressive programs such as White Rose. We are now part of the Archimedes Maths Hub N.E. based at Carmel School and are beginning to teach maths using the Mastery approach. This involves the majority of children moving through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace unless a personalised curriculum is needed. We believe that all children can achieve therefore all children are given the same starting point in lessons. Children who may be less confident with a concept are given support or interventions and children who have grasped concepts rapidly will be challenged by depth of understanding, not acceleration.

Our maths units are embedded with the three main aims of the curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Once children have gained fluency in a subject area, they are given further time to reason with their understanding and develop this with problem solving situations. Maths concepts are introduced through many different structures and representations to allow depth of understanding for the children. Lessons involve using a mixture of concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches in order to make connections and expose the underlying structure of the mathematics. To fully master a subject, we also believe children should be able to explain their thinking and reasoning and confidently teach others. Use of language is therefore a major feature of all maths lessons as it develops children’s reasoning and explanation.

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