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Financial Awareness

The new mathematics curriculum is intended to ensure that young people leave school with an understanding of the skills needed for personal finance. Personal finance education equips young people to manage their own money for their own future. At Reid Street we recognise fully that managing money is a vital life skill. Children are exposed to money issues early in their lives.

At Reid Street School dealing with money forms a core skill as early on as Reception. Children are introduced to the concept of buying items in shops and using coins in real life scenarios through to children in Upper Key Stage 2 creating budgets for spending. Our children are taught using a Cross Curricular approach through Maths and PSHE the importance of financial awareness so that they have a secure foundation when they progress on to Secondary Education. We provide opportunities for practising money awareness in a Careers Week dedicated to highlighting the career opportunities that they can access in later life and we also link up with Barclays Bank and NatWest Money sense to provide further tuition on financial awareness in the community. We have also been involved in the PIE Project, (Primary Inspiration through Enterprise) a programme that encourages business and financial enterprise in Primary and Secondary schools and have been winners for two years running.

PIE Project

Interview time!

Our children in Year 4 finding out about the challenges of running a financial business and learning the all about the different steps needed to succeed.

Measuring up in the hall for our money making sleepover.

The winning team!